Past Projects

This is a Gorman Rupp T3 centrifugal pump assembly. Our customer purchased the motor and pump as separate units and contracted us to build the custom base and align the pump and motor. The base is constructed of 3/8 inch thick plate steel with sides bent down to form a channel shape. Stiffeners were added to the underside for strength. The motor is mounted to a 1/4 inch thick plate with the sides bent down to form a channel shape as well but the bent sides on motor plate are perpendicular to the sides of the main base to eliminate any flex during motor startup. The coupling guard was constructed of 1/8 inch plate steel and bolted to the base plate. Finally we did an indicator alignment of the motor and the pump which is within 5 thousandths of an inch in all directions, we then painted the assembly to customer specs.

This customer's existing tank stands 45 feet tall and has a cone shaped base which is hidden by the round outer shell seen here. On this project we found that the original anchoring brackets that were located on the inside of the shell were rusted away and unsafe. To solve this issue we had lengths of 3X3X3/8 inch angle iron rolled to fit the outer diameter of the shell. We then evenly spaced 15 fabricated foot plates that were 1 inch thick with 1/2 inch thick plate gussets around the perimeter of the shell and seal welded all seams. The final step was to install the 7/8 inch anchor bolts 15 inches deep into the concrete base. The only real challenge for this project was the elements, the temperature was around 30 degrees for this whole project with nothing to block the wind from the crew.

All of the tanks seen here were new additions for our customer. We were contracted to set them in place and add all attachments and fabricate all necessary piping and connections. Each of the tanks pictured here were put in place at different times but the process and the challenges were the same for each one. After setting each one in place we then attached the platforms and ladders, then handrails on the top. We then had to make the cutouts in the roof to accept hardware for the gauging system and indicator board seen on the side of the tank. AS you can see a lot f the work here was off the ground and as always safety was our first priority, so all proper equipment was used during this project as it is with all similar jobs of this kind.

With the installation of this machine, our customer required us to fabricate and install all stainless pipe and fittings. This was a relatively small project in comparison to some of our other pipe projects. All pipe was 2 inch 304 stainless with all welded connections except for at the filter assembly. The filter assembly began as three separate filters. We fabricated the base that the filters are mounted on and the inlet and outlet headers that connect them. This is a redundancy system that allows the two product lines to be in service while also cleaning the filters. All welds made on this project were made with the TIG welding process, and all fabrication was done onsite at customer’s location.

On this project, our customer purchased a new product filler machine and contracted us to fabricate and install all product flow piping and connections. We installed over 300 feet of pipe for this project, all connections were welded in position as the location of the pipe did not allow for much prefabrication. All product supply pipes are 3 inch diameter carbon steel pipe there are 3 pipes that flow into a custom designed and fabricated header that has 2-2 inch threaded outlets on the end and a 4 inch main outlet. The main outlet flows into a double filter assembly purchased by the customer. The biggest challenge on this project was that the installation of all the 3 inch pipe had to be done while the old filler machine was still in operation. Safety was our highest priority during this project, as plant personnel were in close proximity to our work. Installation of pipe and fabrication of header and connections took approximately two weeks.